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Our Current Projects

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary and Ka Mate Traps local launch - Nelson, NZ

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, which encompasses a forested water catchment on the fringe of Nelson City, is an inspirational development that embodies all the things that Ka Mate Traps Ltd stands for. Since we had, at our inception, made a long-term commitment to the then fledgling, community-based, eco-restoration initiative (and have run some of our field trials there), the Brook Sanctuary in working to create a significant pest-free wildlife refuge at our back door, seemed a most appropriate place from which to launch our product. Starting out as we mean to continue, at our "Brook Launch"on Saturday 14 June 08, the first box of Ka Mate medium traps to come off the pallet, plus fifty 'flat-pack' protective stations to house them, was donated to the Sanctuary's expanding trapping programme.

Impractical we know, but we would have liked the whole world to be here to share the unique opportunity to see kakapo chicks ... nevertheless, you can share our day from afar by accepting the invitation delivered to our many local supporters to donate a Ka Mate trap, and/or Ka Mate traps and protective stations to the Brook Sanctuary to prepare the ground for the day that kakapo will once again be heard booming in the Nelson hills. To aid this dream Ka Mate traps will extend our pledge beyond this weekend and continue to donate $2 for every trap and station gifted by the public to the Brook Sanctuary trapping programme until further notice.

Simply click here to make your trap donation. Thankyou.


Uri o Te Wai ... the Bishop Peninsula project

Ka Mate Traps has been involved in another equally deserving local project , providing free equipment and expertise to a local Hapu of Ngati Tama, to eradicate pests from 8 ha, bush-clad Bishops Peninsula, without using toxicants. Jutting out into the Delaware Estuary like a prize jewel in a tiara, this small but significant piece of habitat is the only remaining remnant of lowland forest of this type left along the Nelson coastal margin and all credit to the Maori owners who have actively protected it for so long.

In tandem with this, the B-Block Trust have fenced off a now rare for this area, raupo swamp and estuarine fringe a kilometre or two along the estuary, to protect it from intrusion by stock from the surrounding farmland. This too lends itself to a trapping programme that could begin in the near future to reduce the constant incursion of predator pests into the area. With a reduction of disturbance, already matata (fernbirds) are becoming increasingly conspicuous in both areas.

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Bishop Peninsula in Delaware Estuary

Preserving our Past by Protecting the Future

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